Daniele Marzeddu

I studied at the University of Venice "Ca' Foscari ".

I have a freelance background as a photographer and filmmaker, and I have been shooting since the 90's. I have worked across Europe and North America.

Everything stands out from the frame: to me thinking about Photography and Cinema means dreaming with Eyes wide open along with the (fantastic) chance of choosing and retaining what the eye wants to see, like making an utopia be possible.

I consider myself a citizen of the world, as I have lived in Sardinia, Sicily, Austria, Venice, Rome, Lisbon, Florence and London. My curiosity never stops, that's the reason why I keep travelling and shooting.

I got a long-time experience as a film producer, director, and editor (documentando.com): award-winning director with Gli zoccoli nuovi - The New Hooves Best Documentary at Nosarchives Festival - ROME 2013.

I believe in humankind, still resounding in my mind Vittorio Arrigoni's words: " Stay human! "