I consider myself a very lucky person, as I have had the fortune to live in many different places across Europe and America, and I am currently based in the United Kingdom.

My curiosity never stops. This is one of the reasons why I keep on studying different subjects and exploring the potentiality of new medias in a cross-cultural way. Moreover, thanks to my great passion for cinema, I won a few awards with my films on Italian social history and Italy's cultural heritage.

My education has focused on Humanities in both second and third level, with a specialisation in Cultural Heritage. I studied at the Grammar School of Venice where I was taught Latin, Greek, Philosophy, History of Art and Archaeology as well as Italian and English Literature in a comparative approach.

At the University of Venice I have attended courses and seminars of Codicology, Romance Studies, History of Cinema, Photography, Italian Literature, Latin Literature, Modern and Contemporary History, Librarianship, Diplomatic, Bibliography as well as Cataloguing and Archiving. Furthermore, I have studied music and saxophone at the Conservatorio Statale di Musica "Antonio Buzzolla" of Adria obtaining a diploma of History and Theory of Music.

I have a freelance background as a photographer and filmmaker, and I have been shooting since the 90's.

I am open to cross-media collaborations and other artistic initiatives.